Dental Implants: Is It Time For Dental Implants? 

A perfect smile won’t just do wonders for your beauty – good oral health has plenty of benefits that will keep you smiling. And while not everyone is gifted with a thousand-watt smile, the constant innovation in the field of dentistry has presented numerous ways to replace teeth that are damaged or missing, eliminating some of the major reasons some are conscious of their smile. Out of these methods, dental implants stand out primarily due to the benefits they bring.  

We dive into the answers of some frequently asked questions –– the exact nature of dental implants, the signs you need them, their benefits, the consequences of not getting implants, and the average cost of the dental procedure.  

What Are Dental Implants? 

Dental implants are a great solution for tooth loss. Keep in mind that dental implants are different from other tooth replacement methods since a dental implant replaces both the missing tooth and its root. Thus, implants involve placing an artificial tooth root in your jawbone, creating a permanent and strong foundation for a replacement.  

Signs You Need Dental Implants 

Chipped or Missing Teeth 

If you don’t want bridges, crowns, or dentures to replace any of your missing teeth, opt for dental implants. Unlike other dental solutions, dental implants will mimic your natural teeth. Not only are implants the most durable method for addressing damaged teeth but they’ll also allow you to comfortably talk and eat as if you still have your natural teeth intact.  

Infected Tooth 

If an infected tooth is at the point that it can no longer be saved by other dental procedures, then it’s time to get a dental implant. Addressing an infected tooth with an implant will begin by removing the bad tooth. Once it’s extracted, the dentist will then place an implant that’ll act as your new tooth.  

What Are the Benefits of Implants? 

As dental implants have a 98% success rate, the procedure reliable and durable. You can rest assured that you’ll have a new tooth that’ll complete your smile in just one visit, increasing your confidence and self-esteem. Dental implants are also particularly helpful for people with bad chewing habits and speech abilities since the implants will mimic your natural teeth. 

Moreover, in addition to improving your oral health, dental implants are also convenient and can be easily maintained –– just brush and floss normally. Hence, unlike dentures, you don’t need to remove the implant, saving you time.  

What Happens if You Don’t Get A Dental Implant? 

Some people may question the importance and necessity of replacing any missing teeth with implants. This question often arises due to the fear of the procedure, as well as the financial anxiety. The lack of information regarding the procedure is also a major reason why patients wait too long to push through with receiving dental implants. 

Refusing or waiting to get dental implants, however, can invite severe adverse effects on one’s general oral health. Bad oral health may lead to bone loss, inflammation of blood vessels, high blood pressure, fertility problems, and more. Delaying a needed dental implant could result in hefty dental procedures, especially if your tooth is already infected.  

What Is the Cost of a Tooth Implant? 

The average cost of a tooth implant is approximately $1,500 to $2,000, but will depend on individual circumstances. Some patients only need a single implant, but there are others who’ll need several due to multiple missing teeth.  

While the initial cost for an implant might be higher than for other procedures like bridges and dentures, you will not need to repair or replace a tooth implant every five to ten years, as you would with the other two procedures. Hence, an implant is a lifelong investment since it’ll last for several years, especially if you practice good oral hygiene. 

Why Choose an Oral Surgeon? 

An oral surgeon is the best professional to handle a dental implant procedure since they are the most knowledgeable in oral surgery. So to ensure the best success with the operation, consult with a trusted oral surgeon.  

Need a Tooth Extraction and Implant? Consult With an Expert! 

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