All-On-Four vs Immediate Loading

Losing your teeth is often inevitable. While it’s a natural part of aging, losing your confidence also feels inescapable. You don’t have to resign yourself to that fate. Science and technology have advanced enough to provide solutions that can restore your youthful, confident smile. We started with traditional dentures and bridges, but now even more innovative solutions are available – Teeth in a Day.

Two leading “Teeth in a Day” procedures are all-on-four and immediate loading. If you haven’t heard of these wonderful options, you’re in for a treat. Let’s explore the advantages of these procedures so you can make the best decision for your oral health. All-on-four vs immediate loading dental implants, which one is right for you?

Teeth in a Day - What Is It?

For generations, we have settled for traditional dentures and bridges to replace missing teeth. Though these solutions are effective, they’re not ideal when we want something that looks and feels like natural teeth.

Implants are another option, but the process still takes months. You visit your dentist, sit on the dental chair, get your teeth removed and implants placed, have the denture designed, and then wait months for the attachment of dentures. You must still go on without teeth.

The breakthrough came with the advent of Teeth in a Day. It streamlines the process and cuts the waiting time as it uses an advanced implant-supported denture immediately placed on the day of surgery. Instead of waiting for months, your dentist places a traditional or immediate load implant-retained removable denture. Once fully healed, you get the dentures connected permanently.

A high-resolution CT scan of your jawbone structure instructs where to place the implants. Basically, you get a reliable temporary restoration, allowing you to still have teeth before your permanent restoration.

Teeth in a Day has different procedures, including all-on-four and immediate loading for single or multiple tooth implants. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so let’s investigate them individually.

All-On-Four Treatment

The discovery of 45°-angle posterior implants changed the game. All thanks to Professor Paulo Malo from Portugal and implant manufacturer Nobel Biocare!

The all-on-four technique is now a superior treatment choice for patients needing full-arch teeth replacement. It was created to maximize the available remnant bone in atrophic jaws. The four posterior implants are tilted 45° toward the rear of your mouth and placed into your anterior maxilla.

The anterior maxilla is a region of your jaw with higher bone density, meaning the technique won’t need the same bone density as other procedures to secure the implants. The implants, then, act as a support mechanism for the new set of fixed teeth placement.

What Are the Benefits?

Besides getting a new full set of teeth in a day, the all-on-four concept has more advantages you can relish.

  • Less Invasive Procedure. The all-on-four is a simplified surgical and prosthetic procedure, meaning you don’t need to go through graft or other complex surgeries.
  • Well-Spaced Implants and Good Biomechanics. The angled posterior implants avoid anatomical structures and allow the longer implants to anchor in better-quality bone. It also reduces the posterior cantilever and is generally easier to clean.
  • Cost-Efficient. All-on-four uses only four implants (eight if you need two sets), so you spend less than getting one implant per tooth.
  • · High Success Rate. Like any patient, you deserve to know that the procedure you’re going through is 100% safe and effective. The all-on-four has high success rates, but you must consider several factors about surgery.

What Are the Drawbacks?

Generally, the all-on-four is an excellent option for patients who want to prevent further bone loss with a permanent solution.

If you’re not a fan of dentures because they limit you to soft foods and cause speech problems, the all-on-four concept is definitely your go-to. Most importantly, if you have multiple missing teeth on your upper or lower arch, the technique will help you save time and money.

However, the all-on-four is not for everyone. Those with an unhealthy bone structure will have to choose another possibility or undergo other treatments before the dental implant. The all-on-four is best for patients with good oral and general health.

Moreover, there’s a small risk of implant failure, considering the two factors:

1. Poor Positioning of Implants

Yes, the positioning of implants matters to the all-on-four success. When positioned too far to the front, the gums may recede. When too far back, the replacement teeth will appear thick and bulky. And when too close to the biting surface, they look short and stumpy. Mistakes in positioning can make the implants feel and look unnatural.

2. Cosmetically vs Surgically Trained Dentists

The best dentists for all-on-four procedures are those trained in cosmetics and surgical dentistry. Cosmetically trained dentists will be excellent in cosmetic results but may not be capable of treating complications. On the other hand, surgically trained dentists will know what to do when placing the implants but may only partially consider the aesthetic implications.

Immediate Loading

What about patients who need just a single implant? Or multiple implants but not necessarily a whole arch? Traditional dental implants have been the go-to option for years. However, innovation has allowed for the emergence of immediate loading.

Immediate loading, also known as Immediate Function, is a technique that combines surgical, prosthetic, and restorative steps in one single appointment. It allows the prosthesis to be loaded immediately following implant placement, thus reducing treatment time and avoiding additional visits.

Immediate loading involves restoration placement within 48 hours (about 2 days) of implant placement. Once you achieve sufficient primary stability, a single tooth restoration or immediate provisionalization is possible.

NobelActive’s innovation for single implant placement, or a few implants, is an excellent example of immediate loading. Patients get an expanding and tapered implant body that condenses the bone, achieving high primary stability for immediate loading. It’s effective even in soft bone or extraction sockets!

What Are the Benefits?

Immediate loading is best for patients losing one or more teeth but not necessarily an entire arch. Moreover, it’s great for people who need a quick bridge or want to avoid having a removable prosthesis. Here are the benefits of choosing immediate loading:

  • Instant Results. Unlike traditional implants, immediate loading allows you to get the restoration in the same appointment. No waiting or follow-up visits are needed. You get your new smile right away! Because all the steps are combined, the treatment is shorter and more efficient than traditional implants. You also don’t have to go through multiple surgical interventions.
  • Good Predictability. Immediate loading is a one-stage technique because it simplifies surgical workflow. Whether single or multiple implant placement, the immediate loading technique guarantees good and cost-efficient results.

What Are the Drawbacks?

Like with the all-on-four technique, immediate loading also has drawbacks. Here are a few to consider:

  • Risk of Implant Mobility. The placement of immediate loading implants requires primary stability, which is not always possible. If the implant is not properly stabilized, it could be more mobile than a traditional implant.
  • It’s Not for Everyone. The technique is unsuitable for patients with poor bone quality or insufficient primary stability. Immediate loading also requires ideal angulation and depth, which may not be possible in cases with severe bone resorption.

The Best Teeth for You

The two leading Teeth in a Day procedures undeniably revolutionize how we approach implant dentistry. Both have significant advantages that can help you get a healthy and beautiful smile with less time and money. Which one is the better technique?

Generally, neither the all-on-four nor immediate loading technique is better than the other. It depends on each case and the type of restoration you need. Both can be cost-efficient implant options overall.

Immediate loading is the best choice for patients needing a single implant or a few implants. At the same time, all-on-four is best for those who need full arch restorations with multiple implants. However, the best way to know the right implant system is to consult a dental professional.

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